Whether you’re selling one product online or thousands, you are going to need an eCommerce solution that’s fast and secure.

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Have an existing Gateway

Do you have an existing Gateway or Shopping Cart and only need a Merchant Account? Do you already have a payment gateway and only need credit card processing service? Paynet Systems has access to several leading credit card processing platforms. This simply means you can seamlessly integrate our credit card processing service with your existing gateway/shopping cart. Gateway Reprogramming Fee... more > >



Skipjack Payment Gateway

Skipjack Payment Gateway Skipjack’s payment gateway enables businesses to securely accept credit card payments directly from your website. Using a highly secure transaction processing network, merchants can automatically accept, authorize and settle credit card payments on their Website, 24 hours a day 7/days a week with the strongest encryption protocol in the industry. Additionally, our payment gateway can be seamlessly... more > >


One-Time Set Up Fee $39


SecurePay Payment Gateway

SecurePay Payment Gateway SecurePay enables secure, real-time, automated processing for Web site orders and manual processing of e-mail, telephone, faxed, mail order, and face-to-face sales. SecurePay enables your Web site to automatically process credit card orders securely whenever your customers enter them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to real-time processing, SecurePay also includes a robust... more > >


One-Time Set Up Fee – Waived For a Limited Time!