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When you start using our Credit Card Machine App for smartphones you will quickly find there is so much more than just the ability to accept credit cards. For example, our shopping cart and database feature. This feature allows you to store product and customer information for a seamless checkout experience.  Additionally, you can automatically add taxes, group products, provide emailed or printed receipts and bring up old transactions within the history log. …all this from your phone!

Credit Card Processing Service Provider:
A lawn service provider visits Mrs. Smith once a week to cut her lawn. When he first started doing this work, he added her to the database on his phone. He updates the database every time he does a job for her. When he finally goes to collect payment, he simply chooses Mrs. Smith from the database and her information is automatically transferred to her credit card form. Payment simply couldn’t be easier!

Product Seller:
A mobile artist is selling her candles at a craft fair. A customer chooses 3 differently priced candles. The artist pulls out her phone and using her product database app selects the 3 candles. The prices are then totaled and applicable taxes added. The transaction is ready for processing.

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