Blackberry Payment Solutions

Paynet Systems, providing services to over 35,000 businesses nationwide, offers the convenience of accepting credit cards from your BlackBerry device, without the expensive monthly fees often associated with this service. We back this up with our lowest overall cost guarantee.

Our Credit Card Machine App is FREE to download and we can have your account set up the same day you apply with NO UPFRONT COSTS.

Paynet Systems offers not only the most competitive pricing in the industry but also the most experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. This means your questions will be answered in a thorough and professional manner. Your sales representatives and technical support are available on-call when you need them.

Call 1-800-809-1989 to speak with a sales professional today. We will take the time to explain the details and guide you through the activation process. We can have you accepting credit cards today!

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Blue Bamboo P25-M

Blue Bamboo P25-M
Process and document all your information easily via the Blue Bamboo P25-M Swipe and Printer on your Blackberry device! As another innovator of electronic payment solutions, this cost-competitive device provides an easy and swift alternative for you. It similarly works with many third party handset applications on countless smart phones to enable your mobile merchant transactions.

With dual swipe and printing capability, the P25-M goes the extra mile. It’s optional, and extremely useful. You’ll benefit from tangible receipts, increased payment options, lower mobile transaction fees, and data encryption for your personal security (you never need to hand over the Blackberry to the consumer; a quick do-it-yourself swipe on the P25M suffices!). Add this tool to your free application for only $195 more: a great deal for an invaluable investment.

Note that the Blackberry version is similarly Bluetooth enabled (no cord necessary).

Features include:

  • PCI and EMV compliant
  • Secure, reliable, and versatile design
  • A light-weight and portable printer
  • Supports USB, Serial, Apple port (RS-232) connectivity
  • Supports smartphone, PDA, laptop, and netbook
  • Prints 200 barcodes, receipts, or coupons per charge
  • Detachable battery and mounting accessories available