Paynet Systems Low Cost Starter Program

As low as $10/monthPaynet Systems is now offering a 6-month, low cost, Starter Program to process credit card and accept payments. Simply put, we believe that by allowing our customers a low cost of entry, you will quickly realize the benefits of accepting credit cards at your business and improve your customers’ experience.

Why Paynet Systems?

When your company accepts credit cards, it makes payment faster and easier for you and your clients. It also makes you look more professional. As a full-service provider of credit card processing equipment and services for businesses, Paynet Systems has the solutions your company needs to succeed. Accept credit cards and enjoy the benefits of flexibility and versatility that your competitors already have. When you open a merchant account with us, you can accept credit card payments the same day.

We offer specialized services that make sense based on the type of business you have, including mobile and wireless transactions, eCommerce, home-based businesses, mail order companies and storefronts. Paynet Systems offers credit card processing for businesses that make business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) credit transactions possible. Use a quick, secure, integrated system to show your clients that your business is professional and healthy.

Try our low cost starter program for 6 months to better understand how accepting credit card payments can improve your business. Our free credit card reader allows mobile credit card processing for businesses using a variety of Smartphones, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows. Start taking credit cards for payment with your merchant account in just a few easy steps. Fill out a merchant application today..